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texmachine live 3 May at Melsbroekse Weifeesten: Bluegrass Country Style

Melsbroek poster




Pedal to the metal at BruHouse!

Yet another great opportunity to see texmachine live: Saturday 30th of September, starting up the engine at 7 pm, in BruHouse (Heldenplein, 1930 Zaventem)




Tonite: First we take Londerzeel, then we take Humbeek!

texmachine’s getting ready for 2 unsaddled gigs in one night – both private parties.

Rumours go it’ll be crowded… texmachine’s gonna give ‘em all an unforgettable musical uppercut!




texmachine rocks Kiwanis’ Annual Mosselfeest!

texmachine has the honor of supporting Kiwanis at their 31st annual “Mosselfeest”.

This year’s Kiwanis charity event supports a series of good causes, such as Ons Tehuis Brabant, Homevil (Vilvoorde), Special Olympics Belgium, and Eigen Thuis (Grimbergen).

So saddle up your mules, fans, ride down to

Ons Tehuis Brabant te Kampenhout
Perksesteenweg 126, 1910 Berg (BE)
on Saturday 05 October 2013

…and get stuffed with mussels à volonté or chicken & fries (or curry sausages and fish sticks if you’re a kid) – and enjoy the finest accoustic country trash in the Lower Countries!




Join the texmachine pub crawl!

Sunday 29 September 2013, texmachine will play 30 minutes in 7 different pubs at the annual Septemberfeesten in Peutie (Vilvoorde).

Join us, folks, enjoy a delicious Belgian beer while singing along on “Hold On Tight”, “Drug Dealin’ Woman” and other trashy evergreens!




texmachine unsaddled into the Brussels Underground!

texmachine’s a mean, lean and unstoppable honky tonk train: Shortly, Dougi, Sofie, David and Harvey – aka “texmachine unsaddled” – will dive into the Brussels underground music scene, packed with nothing but a double bass, guitar, a little percussion, four great voices and a small set of classic texmachine songs. It will be a series of surprise visits to a fine selection of venues, baffling everyone!




Local Guitar Hero Saves Wedding Day!

For Saturday’s special wedding gig Saturday 18 May, brilliant guitar hero Jos steps in for tex veteran Foz, who had to leave the Lower Countries for Down Under for a few months. Last rehearsals prove texmachine is on fire! Two new songs – Bucket&Beyond with Sofie Sue on sensual lead vocal, and the survivalist anthem We Are Surrounded By Idiots – have been added to the already powerful set list.




Howdy – and welcome to www.texmachine.be!

texmachine’s official website offers you a gateway to a digital highway packed with original Country Trash music, making your travels in the Substitute Texas universe a whole lot more convenient and exciting.

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In the About section you find everything you need to know about the texmachine story so far – and the members of texmachine.

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And don’t forget to check out texmachine’s Merch and YouTube videos, buy songs on iTunes, follow us on Twitter, become a Facebook group member or listen to our music on Spotify or any other social media website (we’re everywhere, fans)!

Got feedback? Want texmachine to perform at your party? Questions? Then please do not hesitate to contact us at +32 (0)494 80 53 15, or drop us an email at info@texmachine.be

So long, cowboys and cowgals!

Yours sincerely,
hARVEy & the texmachine bunch