Help texmachine keep Toogenblik alive 11th of March!

Saturday 11th of March, texmachine, together with Philo & Friends and Blues Hospital, will perform at GC De Linde, Kortenbachstraat 7, 1130 Haren (Brussels). The purpose is to raise money to keep the legendary Brussels live music café Toogenblik alive.

For 30 years now Toogenblik has been the refuge for many folk, blues and roots bands, songwriters and international ramblin’ music men and women. Toogenblik actually served as birthplace and nursery for texmachine almost 10 years ago, and has ever since served as the band’s homeground. texmachine are honored to be invited to support the future existence of this unique venue, which has been kept alive for so many years by a group of music loving local volunteers.
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So join us at 7 pm for a celebration of handcrafted live music, a tribute to dear departed brothers in arms …and a kick-start for a new chapter in the story of Toogenblik!

Income: €15