It’s gettin’ harder with texmachine

It’s gettin’ harder
to kiss her every day
Her growing hooters
are getting in the way
Her lips so big now
that she can barely say
Thank you for the
surgery you pay

She used to shine like a
brand new Chevrolet
She had the finest trunk
in the USA
Her heavenly hips
and legs had me prey
That she would look like this
forever and a day

Then last summer
on her 50th birthday
She looked in the mirror
and to her dismay
She discovered her youth
had faded away
She resembled a
centenarian Doris Day

But that woman of mine
is like a Morgan Le Fay
She found herself a
doctor in Santa Fe
Now she looks like
a pimped up cabriolet
Liposuction must have
sucked her brains away

Music & lyrics copyright 2017 Arve Hj. Holmen
Video & audio recording copyright 2017 Daithi Rua