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No compromise

About a quarter of a century ago, Norwegian country boys Arve “Harvey” Hjalmar and Longhorn Man started writing songs about hellraisin’, homewreckin’ and heartbreakin’ truckdrivers. Their 6-piece honky tonk band “Arve Hjalmars” gained the reputation in the underground scene as a strong live act, delivering a unique set of musical uppercuts and headbutts. Harvey eventually submitted to a life-long urge to move southwards… and settled in the Wild West of Europe: Belgium.
Equipped with a bunch of double Y chromosome ballads and shack rock closet classics, Harvey decided to collect the finest Country Trash musicians in the Lower Countries. In collaboration with manager Guido Mommaerts, the infamous road manager for Belgian country rock legends Pendulum in the 70’s, Harvey started recruiting appropriate musicians. In the years to follow, several musicians joined and quit the band. Some rejoined. All contributed in different ways to the creation of the texmachine sound.

In the course of a few years, the band gained valuable experiences and insights performing on several occasions, with various band constellations. The play lists initially included covers, like the evergreens “Man of Constant Sorrow “ and “In the Jailhouse Now”, a countrified version of “Jerry Was a Racecar Driver” by alternative rockers Primus, and a few other rarities. Eventually, the band decided to go for exclusively original material. The real stuff. No compromise.

Saddled & Spurred


After that multi-instrumentalist Michel “Mighty Mich” De Smet and Australian guitar guru Foz Lester joined texmachine veterans Harvey, Dougi and David, the band went through an important soul & sound searching period of frequent rehearsals and several gigs. When the band finally decided to record their first CD – the EP “A Trailer Trash Threesome” – they found themselves without a drummer …only three days before they would go into studio to record three original songs. Enter Jan Schoevaerts: A drummer freshly out of a longer period of musical hibernation, whose exceptionally well-developed ability to accurately and quickly decipher musical intentions, provided the necessary rhythm foundation – and enthusiastically accepted an invitation to join the band permanently. Shortly after, Jan’s daughter, the vocally versatile and bubbly lady Sofie “Sue”, completed the puzzle and brought huge shopping bags of stage experience and fresh ideas to this facial hair dominated 6-pack of Country trash gentlemen.

In 2011, the ultimate texmachine line-up was saddled and spurred – ready to conquer Substitute Texas and to expand its territory with unyielding determination.

Country Trash music

Marvin 'Popcorn' Sutton (RIP)

The texmachine music draws inspiration from a wide variety of country & western themes. Initially, Scandinavian superstars such as Benny Borg, Sputnik, Bjøro Håland and Cowboy Laila served as inspiration. Later, texmachine got heavily influenced by the Convoy movie soundtrack, Buck Owens’ spiritual moments, Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon’s controversial album “Prairie Home Invasion”, Frank Zappa’s country music sidetrack “Harder Than Your Husband”, Hank Williams the 3rd, and, inevitably, Johnny Cash’s “Beans for Breakfast” and “Dirty Old Egg-Suckin’ Dog”. Currently, the songwriting and the evolution of the band can be best described as a psychographic process, where Jerry Reid steers the fingerpicking, Popcorn Sutton the moral compass and Dolly Parton the esthetical direction of the band. Belgian influences include cowboy vaudeville icon and outstanding yodeler Bobbejaan Schoepen (R.I.P.), Eduard Van De Walle’s autobiographic “Ik ben in Amerika geweest” and The Violent Husbands’ heartwarming ode to “Grandmother”.

Substitute Texan citizenship

It takes two to tango – but a whole lot more to do a proper line dance. texmachine welcomes real men of both sexes to join them in their quest for the total re-hillbillification of the country music scene. To get jumpstarted, simply buy a texmachine record, play it in your truck while driving to a texmachine gig, and sing along!

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