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There’s a new album out!

Damn right - album front
Damn Right …it’s the new 12-track album release from texmachine – your Premium Provider of Country Trash Entertainment!

This musical journey starts with Elbowdeep Into Texas, a raunchy tale of a rig rockin’ renegade trucker bound for Texas. Before it arrives at the final track, Cold-War-boy-meets-girl anthem Commie Girl, Damn Right has taken you on a poetic rollercoaster ride through various dark corners of Substitute Texan trailer parks.

Jesus Cruisin’ Down the Highway and Hold On Tight, the album’s simultaneously uplifting and alarming low country gospel songs, vividly illustrate texmachine’s moral backbone and never-ending quest for evermore spirituality in everyday life.

Featuring a rare tribute to feeders (You’re Fat), the confessions of a Caucasian closet Motown fan (Skinny White Boy), real men in love (Bullet Through My Head, My Heart Belongs To You and I Love You From The Bottom Of My Bottle). Damn Right is a celebration of unbridled empathy for outcasts, outlaws and out-of-order hearts.

While Greasy Side Up tells the story of a working man’s struggle to do the Right Thing, Oh Yeah tells the story of an emotionally dysfunctional man’s personal war on drugs.
The intimately razorsharp cowgirl power ballad The Ballad of Lilith injects black magic into Damn Right – a collection of songs, unique yet strangely familiar to true lovers of Country Trash music.